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Invaprep is a virtual professional Interview coaching consultancy. Our expert coaches assess where you might be going wrong, and help you to get your career on track
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Career Guidance
Personalised advice on how to handle those tricky career decisions, and next steps.
Mock Interviews
We provide one-to-one professional interview coaching and feedback.
Graduate Interviews
Are you a graduate, early in your career and unsure what to expect?
Are you considering your next step as a leader, and would like to determine your suitability?

Interview Coaching

What we offer

A comprehensive 30 – 90-minute Career or Interview Coaching session, addressing some of the most commonly asked competency and behavioural interview questions used by multinational organisations globally.

Whether you’re a recent graduate, or an experienced corporate professional who wants feedback on how to write your CV, our coaching session allows you the opportunity for a mock video interview with important and specific feedback, or just an opportunity to discuss current challenges in your current job or career, and how best to address them.

Why Invaprep

Practice with a mock interview
The right advice when you most need it

Finding the perfect job opportunity or making the best decision for your career takes more than just updating a CV/Resume, or reading an article online. Interview Coaching  helps you to be more effective during the interview. Our team have spent over 15 years in the HR/Recruitment, working for multi-international organisations, guiding professionals just like you. We understand a wide range of work-place challenges and provide effective interview and career advice to support you in your next move.

We commit to personalised, expert and honest feedback and advice. These pillars are essential in identifying key blind-spots. Helping you to not only perform at your best when it really matters, but to guide your career in the best possible direction.

Job Applications Reviewed
Interviews Conducted
Hiring Managers Interview Trained

Expert Interviewing

Interview Development
  1. We support job seekers to improve Interview competency, and organisational leaders fine-tune their ability in identifying suitable employees to join.

Using a wide range of interview techniques, our coaches assess critical areas of your interview, or interview ability. With this information to provide you with effective career guidance, advising you how best to improve and enhance your capabilities.

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How It Works?

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Book your video session and select a time that works for you.
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Receive email confirmation and video link for your interview.
Step 3
Meet your consultant online for your interview and coaching session.

Career Advice by Industry Experts

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Key industry information for you


Video Interviews
60% of recruiters now use video interviews as part of the process


Use Social Media platforms
92% of interviewers use social media platforms to learn more about you.


Soft Skills
75% of employers use behavioural interview questions to assess soft skills


Lack of Research
47% of people fail the job interview due to having insufficient information about the company.

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