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WFH, Post Pandemic?

Should you work from home after the pandemic?   Your sofa is your office chair, the distance to your workroom is your commute and the dining table is your office. Pretty fascinating, right? Just a couple of years ago no one would’ve thought that working remotely would be so common.   In 2021, approximately 37 […]

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How To Write Your CV?

Many job seekers struggle when it comes to this, asking themselves ‘How to write my CV’. The most important, yet most challenging part of the job search process.   A CV is the first thing an employer sees. The first impression before your first impression. No matter how skilled you are or how many years […]

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How To Secure A Job After Graduation

Annually, millions of students leave academic institutions, all with one question on their minds. How to secure a job after graduation?   After you graduate, the hunt for a job starts and along with it comes graduate job anxiety. The moment you step into the job market, you begin to feel as though you’re just […]

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Video Interviews

In recent years, Video interviews have increasingly become an important part of the recruitment process. In this article we discuss some of the pros and cons.   Video interviews are similar to a traditional interviews, however, there are important factors to take into consideration. Preparing adequately impacts the fluidity and success of the interview. This […]

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First Interview

You’ve successfully sent your CV after completing yet another job application. This time you finally receive confirmation that the organisation would like to invite you in for a first interview, you just have to do well in your interview, but there’s just one problem. You’ve never had a formal company interview before and you’re unsure […]

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Applicant Tracking Systems

Applicant Tracking System or ATS is a piece of software utilised for recruitment. Combined with the skills of an experienced…

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