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You’re Underpaid – What To Do

In a world driven by money, it is quite ironic that discussing a pay rise and asking for more of it is considered taboo.   To break this very common stigma, it’s important to recognise the value of your work and observe any signs that you are being underpaid. Red flags may be things such […]

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Diversity & Inclusion – The Right Answers

Diversity and Inclusion (D&I) has always mattered to those from marginalised communities. Being the only person in a room that looks like you can sometimes make you feel excluded.   For a black woman, something as simple as getting ready for work might cause a level of anxiety that in an ideal world, wouldn’t exist. […]

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How To Secure A Job After Graduation

Annually, millions of students leave academic institutions, all with one question on their minds. How to secure a job after graduation?   After you graduate, the hunt for a job starts and along with it comes graduate job anxiety. The moment you step into the job market, you begin to feel as though you’re just […]

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CV Writing

Are you struggling with your CV, or simply unsure if your CV is the reason you’re not getting interviews?   Many job seekers struggle when it comes to this, asking themselves ‘How to write my CV’. The most important, yet most challenging part of the job search process.   As part of our 90 minute […]

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work from home
WFH, Post Pandemic?

Should you work from home after the pandemic?   Your sofa is your office chair, the distance to your workroom is your commute and the dining table is your office. Pretty fascinating, right? Just a couple of years ago no one would’ve thought that working remotely would be so common.   In 2021, approximately 37 […]

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Video Interviews

In recent years, Video interviews have increasingly become an important part of the recruitment process. In this article we discuss some of the pros and cons.   Video interviews are similar to a traditional interviews, however, there are important factors to take into consideration. Preparing adequately impacts the fluidity and success of the interview. This […]

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