Cultivating LinkedIn Relationships

LinkedIn, the destination of professionals.


It’s easy to brag about thousands of followers on LinkedIn, however, that should only be seen as a vanity metric. The saying ‘quality over quantity’ has never been truer in regards to this platform.


While there’s nothing wrong with having a large following, it should not be your main goal. The value of LinkedIn is to make meaningful connections, learn about your industry, and provide value to your wider network.


There’s much more to the platform than meets the eye, and this article aims to provide helpful hints on how to utilise LinkedIn. As well as cultivating long-term networking relationships that will remain valuable along your career journey.

LinkedIn has a contacts page that should be seen as a sort of control centre. This is where you are able to keep track of your connections list; you can utilise its tag, alerts, and filtering features to ensure everything is easily accessible and organised.


Your alerts let you know when a contact of yours has a birthday or changes jobs. These alerts should be utilised to your benefit and you can do that by sending a quick note that acknowledges their success. This gesture will be greatly appreciated and it can be a very good way to be at the forefront of their mind.


Additionally, you can utilize the filtering and sorting features to help you quickly find contacts related to a particular company, campaign, or any other metric you want to use.

While you can make your LinkedIn profile attractive with a professional portfolio and headshot, you can make it much better by adding rich media.


Your profile can be enhanced by sharing videos, images, presentations, or PDF files. If you look at the profiles of your connections you will discover that a profile isn’t just about their skills or accomplishments, take a cue from what you see. Additionally, you should create notes to help you remember integral information concerning your contacts. This can be quite handy in future interactions.

LinkedIn Groups can be termed as one of the most treasured features on the platform.


Groups are very useful as they enable you to interact with new connections within your industry. you can also establish yourself as a subject matter expert. Participating regularly can go quite a long way towards developing trust with individuals within the group.


You can also use the groups to leverage your brand. The discussion page enables you to better increase your brand’s exposure. The admin’s choice post appears at the top of the page and that helps to increase the chosen topic’s exposure.


You should be aware that posting negative or promotional content can negatively affect your contributor level. When posting content, ensure that it is content that is group and topic relevant. Be sure to take your time reading other posts so you can thoughtfully engage with other group members.

If you have not established a company page on LinkedIn for your brand, you definitely should consider doing so. Within your company page, you can utilise the showcase page to help you concentrate your message.


Additionally, you can share updates and content that matches your specified target audience.  The page also enables you to track your success thanks to its distinct analytics page. LinkedIn users are able to subscribe to these showcase pages without needing to follow the company’s page.


To take it a step further, you need to improve the visibility of your page. This can be done using Sponsored Updates. This feature is basically brand updates that enable you to promote your content to a particular audience. This can help to greatly maximise your company page’s reach and exposure. You also can utilise sponsored updates to drive a particular bit of content by using options such as location, company category or name, job title, LinkedIn groups, or schools attended.


To ensure that your sponsored update has the greatest engagement, ensure that you include an eye-catching headline, as well as a defined CTA or call to action. Bear in mind that integrating links into your updates can multiply your engagement and pictures tend to drive up the engagement rate by 98%.


You call utilise your company’s analytics page to discover how much engagement and value your sponsored update has. This section can be utilized to keep a record of your posts as well as your page’s flower demographics, reach, engagement, and similar pages ranking.

LinkedIn was created to connect and build real, tangible relationships with real people, unfortunately, there seems to be a proliferation of automation of comments, messages, connections, and likes.


Utilising automation to develop a relationship does nothing more than creating superficial connections that offer no benefit at all. Relevant and authentic comments cannot be automated, so when an attempt is made, it is quite easy to recognise.


The moment people believe that your conversations and connections with them are automated, they are likely to stop paying attention to you. This means they stop interacting and automation has destroyed that relationship.

The tips laid out in this article are proven ways to fully utilise LinkedIn to your advantage and cultivate LinkedIn relationships that can help you in your career path.


Aside from the content mentioned, you should view the platform as an avenue to market yourself and your offering.

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