You’re Underpaid – What To Do

In a world driven by money, it is quite ironic that discussing a pay rise and asking for more of it is considered taboo.   To break this very common stigma, it’s important to recognise the value of your work and observe any signs that you are being underpaid. Red flags may be things such […]

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First Interview

You’ve successfully sent your CV after completing yet another job application. This time you finally receive confirmation that the organisation would like to invite you in for a first interview, you just have to do well in your interview, but there’s just one problem. You’ve never had a formal company interview before and you’re unsure […]

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Applicant Tracking Systems

Applicant Tracking System or ATS is a piece of software utilised for recruitment. Combined with the skills of an experienced…

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Managing The Bully

Most people are unaware that bullying is a common occurrence in the workplace.  Managing the bully is an essential skill.   Many individuals are well acquainted with this unfortunate workplace abuse; either by being the bully, or being on the receiving end of one.   A survey polling 1000 respondents highlighted that only 4% of […]

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Career Change: Choosing A New Path

You may have taken the time to attend university to become an expert in your field , or maybe you…

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Top 5 Difficult Interview Questions

If you created a survey asking professionals, what are the top 5 most difficult questions they’ve faced during an interview, it would likely be the five in this article.

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