Diversity & Inclusion – The Right Answers

Diversity and Inclusion (D&I) has always mattered to those from marginalised communities. Being the only person in a room that looks like you can sometimes make you feel excluded.   For a black woman, something as simple as getting ready for work might cause a level of anxiety that in an ideal world, wouldn’t exist. […]

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Video Interviews

In recent years, Video interviews have increasingly become an important part of the recruitment process. In this article we discuss some of the pros and cons.   Video interviews are similar to a traditional interviews, however, there are important factors to take into consideration. Preparing adequately impacts the fluidity and success of the interview. This […]

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First Interview

You’ve successfully sent your CV after completing yet another job application. This time you finally receive confirmation that the organisation would like to invite you in for a first interview, you just have to do well in your interview, but there’s just one problem. You’ve never had a formal company interview before and you’re unsure […]

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The Benefits Of Interview Training

Any professional will tell you just how difficult job searching can be. Time and effort spent researching, applying, networking, and following up takes its toll, not to mention updating your CV. So finally, after what has been a long and challenging process, you’ve been invited for an interview. What do you do?   With your interview […]

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Top 5 Difficult Interview Questions

If you created a survey asking professionals, what are the top 5 most difficult questions they’ve faced during an interview, it would likely be the five in this article.

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