How To Write Your CV?

Many job seekers struggle when it comes to this, asking themselves ‘How to write my CV’. The most important, yet most challenging part of the job search process.   A CV is the first thing an employer sees. The first impression before your first impression. No matter how skilled you are or how many years […]

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Salary Negotiation

Salary negotiation. Negotiating your compensation package against a role where the salary information is unavailable can be challenging, however, being a confident negotiator is usually an admired quality amongst applicants.   It’s been said that individuals who attempt to constructively negotiate their earnings are looked upon more positively than those that do not. This is […]

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Finding A New Job – Whilst In Your Old Job

Career experts state  that it’s better to look for a new job whilst being employed.   However it’s important to be careful; remember that when looking for a new job, you hold a professional obligation to your existing employer. An obligation to conduct the activities you were employed to do.   The benefits of  job […]

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Managing The Bully

Most people are unaware that bullying is a common occurrence in the workplace.  Managing the bully is an essential skill.   Many individuals are well acquainted with this unfortunate workplace abuse; either by being the bully, or being on the receiving end of one.   A survey polling 1000 respondents highlighted that only 4% of […]

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Top 5 Difficult Interview Questions

If you created a survey asking professionals, what are the top 5 most difficult questions they’ve faced during an interview, it would likely be the five in this article.

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