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Whether you’re an Experienced Professional or a University Graduate, we’re ready to provide you with valuable interview feedback or career guidance.

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Interview Coaching
AED 685
  • Our interview coaching sessions are designed to assess your current interview competency.
  • The first half of your video session will be spent conducting a formal interview, followed by feedback and an opportunity to discuss your interview performance.
Duration: 60 mins
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Interview Prep
AED 455
  • Would you like to discuss an upcoming interview with a professional interviewer?
  • This video session allows you the opportunity to address any concerns you may have entering the current process. Our Interview consultant will also provide you with pointers on how to approach your interview, to ensure you are prepared.
Duration: 30 mins

How it works?

Step 1
Book your video session and select a time that works for you.
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We'll contact you for some preliminary information, and to share the video link.
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Meet our consultant for your interview and coaching session.


Sessions can take anywhere between 30 and 90 minutes depending on which package you book. During your session you’ll be given immediate feedback or guidance, followed by written feedback, along with a few tips for you to take forward.
All sessions are conducted by way of video interview. You will meet one our consultants online who will take you through the process.
Since most people are inexperienced at being interviewed, interview training is the most critical aspect of achieving success. Our interviews are designed to assess a wide range of competencies which contribute to the hiring managers overall impression of you. Knowing how to respond to varying types of questions is invaluable. Not only giving you confidence throughout the process, but ensuring you present the best possible version of yourself.
Whilst we cannot guarantee you’ll be selected, interview coaching ensures you’re well prepared to present yourself in the best possible light. Thus, increasing your chances of selection.
Our Interview sessions are conducted by experienced professional Talent Acquisition experts, who have developed their careers within HR; Interviewing junior and experienced candidates for a wide range of opportunities.
Yes, we interview graduates. A high number of our existing clients are graduates hoping to secure their first employment opportunity, or enter onto a graduate scheme.
Our team of Interview consultants are typically available within 24 hours. If you require urgent support, please contact us using our contact form.
If you wish to reschedule your Interview, you will need to provide us with 24 hours notice. Notice must be provided during our working hours of 9 to 5PM GST Sunday to Thursday. If you provide less than 24 hours notice there will be a 300AED charge to account for preparation time by your coach for the Interview. If you fail to attend the Interview by the start time you will not be entitled to reschedule your Interview. For further information, please visit https://invaprep.com/booking-terms/
If you wish to cancel any of our Services, you will need to provide us with 5 days notice. Notice must be provided during our working hours of 9 to 5PM GST Sunday to Thursday. For further information, please visit https://invaprep.com/booking-terms/

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